Welcome to our new series of podcasts, which will cover a variety of topics to highlight where genomics and genomic medicine is being embedded, across routine healthcare. 

Genomics Matters Sept 2023.pngGenomics matters: Genomics and enhanced cancer care

Genomics has and will continue to revolutionise how we understand and treat cancer, with the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes.

Genomic sequencing has become an integral part of precision medicine, enabling oncologists to tailor treatment plans based on a patient's unique genetic makeup.

In this podcast, Dr Matthew Krebs meets with Grace Berry, Genomics Project Lead – Cheshire and Merseyside Cancer Alliance, Charlotte Knowles, Breast Cancer Nurse – East Lancashire Hospitals, and Professional James Hill, Deputy Clinical Director – North West Genomic Medicine Service Alliance, to discuss genomics and its role in detection, diagnosis, treatment and identifying cancer risk.

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Navy Simple Gradient New Episode Podcast Cover (11).pngGenomics Matters: Genetics, Genomics, and hearing loss 

In this podcast, Professor Bill Newman discusses genetics, genomics, and hearing loss with Dr. Emma Burkitt-Wright FRCP PhD, Project Lead - Improving access to effective genetic testing to identify causes of deafness project, and Sarah Stewart, Genetic Counsellor, Manchester University Foundation NHS Trust. Listen by clicking on the image or here.

All podcasts in the series are available via SoundCloud.


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Genomics Matters: Mainstreaming Lynch Syndrome

One in two of us will receive a cancer diagnosis at some point in our lifetime, so it has never been more important to improve the care and quality of outcomes for people affected by cancer.

Throughout the series of Genomics Matters podcasts, guest hosts will be speaking with professionals about genomics, genomic medicine, and the embedding of both within routine healthcare.

In this episode, Barbara Coleman chats with Professor Jim Hill, and Marie Kirwan, from the Alliance, to find out more about the Lynch Syndrome project, and what this means for people and families who are identified as having the genetic condition.

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All podcasts are available via SoundCloud.