Pharmacy infographic_NW GMSA_June 2022.pngInfographics

We are producing a series of infographics highlighting five reasons why genomics matters within specific areas of clinical practice.

The current range of infographics is listed below, and available to download but if there is a specific area that you would like to see included, then please get in touch via


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PNG file icon Cancer infographic NWGMSA August 2022 Cancer_infographic_NWGMSA_August_2022_.png 16/08/2022 0.46 MB
PNG file icon Paediatrics infographic NWGMSA August 2022 Paediatrics_infographic_NWGMSA_August_2022_.png 03/08/2022 0.48 MB
PNG file icon Midwifery infographic NW GMSA June 2022 Midwifery_infographic_NW_GMSA_2.png 06/07/2022 0.42 MB
PNG file icon Pharmacy infographic NW GMSA June 2022 Pharmacy_infographic_NW_GMSA_June_2022.png 06/07/2022 0.42 MB
PNG file icon Nursing infographic NW GMSA May 2022 Nursing_infographic__NW_GMSA_May_2022.png 06/07/2022 0.40 MB
PNG file icon General Practice infographic NW GMSA July 2022 General_Practice_infographic_NW_GMSA_July_2022.png 06/07/2022 0.47 MB