The Alliance co-hosted two education and engagement events last week, on two consecutive days, in relation to pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics.

Pharmacogenomics in the NHS: Future Prospects event

On Thursday, 7 March 2024, we co-hosted an event with the British Pharmacological Society (BPS), and the UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicines Network (UKPGx) at The Spine, in Liverpool.

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Pharmacogenomics is recognised as a key area in the NHS England strategy “Accelerating Genomic Medicine in the NHS” (NHS England, 2022); a key message of the day was to highlight the new Genomic Network of Excellence for Pharmacogenomics and Medicines Optimisation, the wide range of skills, experience and expertise in the room, and to focus everyone on the future of pharmacogenomics within healthcare and the NHS, regionally and nationally, including opportunities and challenges.

The meeting provided a great opportunity for pharmacy colleagues, from early career to senior clinicians working in genomic medicine  to learn about more about Pharmacogenomics and the future prospects within the NHS.

Over 120 colleagues from across the UK joined us, with the day opening with breakfast and light refreshments, before being welcomed to the event by Professor William Newman and Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed.

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Entitled ‘Pharmacogenomics in the NHS: Future Prospects', the meeting focussed on Pharmacogenomics in the NHS, including:

  • the newly launched NHSE Pharmacogenomics and Medicines Optimisation Genomic Network of Excellence,
  • a wider appreciation of and understanding of the UK Pharmacogenetics and Stratified Medicines landscape and.
  • provided ample opportunities for networking, tailored to professionals in clinical, academic, and commercial sectors.

The presentations served to outline the role that pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics is playing and will continue to play, in relation to patient care in line with national and local priorities, in support of embedding genomics into routine healthcare for all.

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Presentation topics included:

  • The PROGRESS study
  • The Genes and Health Study
  • Cancer 
  • Behavioural responses 
  • Education and training 
  • Mental health
  • Point of care testing 

The morning session complete, it was time for lunch and the chance to take stock of everything that had been shared, before coming together for the afternoon break out sessions.

A recording of the morning session will be available as soon as possible. 

Pharmacy workshop for trainee foundation pharmacists

On the following day, 8 March 2024, we co-hosted a pharmacy workshop with the NHS North East & Yorkshire Genomic Medicine Service Alliance, and NHS England's Health Education England North Foundation Schools of Pharmacy and Medicine Optimisation; designed and developed for trainee foundation pharmacists, who were invited to attend the collaborative event.

Genomic advances are enabling a personalised approach to medicine optimisation and precision medicine, including an increased understanding of how conditions such as cancer develop and also via identifying the contributing genomic factors in complex conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Genomic sequencing technologies are also enabling us to understand how genes affect an individual’s response to medicine (pharmacogenomics), and this information can be used to guide choice and dose of medication.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) has the potential to provide patients with safer and more appropriate medication and to avoid wasting time and money on treatments that are ineffective or could cause harm.

The workshop session aimed to meet the GPhC initial education and training of pharmacists learning outcomes, related to genomics and was aligned to the NHS England Initial Education and Training of Pharmacists - Genomic Medicine Indicative Curriculum; supporting trainees to move from ‘know/knows how’ to ‘shows how’ and ultimately enable the application of key principles in the workplace (‘does’).

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Aim: To support trainee pharmacists, meet initial education and training learning outcomes related to genomics

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the fundamental principles of genetics and genomics
  • To recognise opportunities for genomics to support medicines optimisation
  • To list appropriate genomic medicine information resources and guidelines.
  • To understand and interpret pharmacogenetic results including star allele format and phenotypes.
  • To apply clinical guidance in the context of a case study with pharmacogenomic results.
  • To demonstrate pharmacogenomics communication skills.
  • To develop and present a care plan for a case study patient with pharmacogenomic test results.

Prior to the workshop, trainee pharmacists were prompted to complete the following online e-learning modules to support the development of their knowledge of genomics and pharmacogenomics in the healthcare context.