We're thrilled to be, once again, supporting and participating in the NHS England Genomics Education Programme’s Genomics Conversation 2024.

The week aims to enhance the understanding and integration of genomics within the healthcare system, as well as to foster a deeper connection and understanding among healthcare professionals regarding the advancements and applications of genomics.

The theme this year is 'journeys', so we have produced a series of short videos featuring team members sharing their personal and professional genomic journeys. These personal narratives are designed to illustrate the real-world impact of genomics in healthcare and highlight the human aspect of genomic medicine.

In addition, we will be launching a social media campaign across the week, to broaden the scope of opportunities for professionals to engage with genomics.

Our Patient and Public Voice Panel’s summer meeting is being held during the week as engagement between our panel and professionals across the region, has enabled co-creation and consistent collaboration on a wide variety of genomic projects over the last two and a half years.

Clinical Nurse Specialists at East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust will host daily presentations and networking opportunities focusing on various aspects of genomics, including pharmacogenomics and cancer genomics, a foundational understanding of genomic medicine and its implications for patient care, as well as patient stories providing a patient focused perspective on genomic medicine.

Our Pharmacy lead, Jessica Keen will feature in the Genomics Education Programme (GEP) blog series, sharing her genomic journey to date, as well as an overview to the field of pharmacogenomics, latest developments, and practical applications of genomic data in pharmacy practice. On Friday 28 June, Jessica will present on the implementation of pharmacogenetics within the NHS, on at the Adelphi Genetics Forum Teacher’s Conference.

Waheeda Abbas, our Midwifery leads is also actively engaged throughout the week, including a national social media campaign, with other Alliance midwifery leads across England. The collaboration includes daily posts and interactions that highlight the significance of genomics in midwifery, ensuring that midwives are well-informed and supported to further integrate genomics within their practice. Waheeda is also presenting via video streaming platform, Matflix on the topic of epigenetics on Wednesday 26 June.

We are excited for this year’s #GenomicsConversation, to advance genomic education amongst healthcare professionals, in support of  further integration of genomics within healthcare. Please reshare and retweet content with your networks. Thank you for your support.