For Genomics to achieve its full potential for patients and our region’s population, everyone working in the NHS should be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and understanding of genomics and its impact and benefits on patient care.

Genomics is constantly evolving which demands continued programmes of support, education, and development so that healthcare professionals are comfortable and confident when applying genomics within their scope of clinical practice.

Our Workforce Development and Health Education England Liaison Lead, Glenda Beaman actively engages with healthcare professionals across the region, to support the embedding of genomics into clinical practice, by providing education to the NHS workforce across the North West. This interaction also provides valuable insight into the needs of the workforce, as part of targeted education and development programmes.

Glenda also works collaboratively with Health Education England and their Genomic Education Programme (GEP) on a range of educational activities including postgraduate education and outreach programmes to support doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals within their specialist areas.

We are also working with research and clinical colleagues across the North West to facilitate the rollout of new and innovative genomic technologies across the NHS.  There is an active programme of research, exploring new ways to understand the effect of gene variants, predict response to drugs and treatment programmes, increase personalised diagnosis, and develop new care pathways.