Genomics in psychiatry practice

As genomics becomes part of routine healthcare across a wide areas of heatlhcare, having a sound knowledge of its application within professional practice will be vital, to aid interactions with patient and improve professional practice. 

These 10 min talks are aimed at psychiatric professionals in the UK and aim to provide a basic overview of the principles of genomics relevant to psychiatry and other mental health professionals.

Genomic medicine is being embedded into many different services within the NHS, we hope these talks will improve interactions with patients and your practice.

These talks were kindly prepared and presented by NHS staff from across the UK.


Introduction to Genomics recording from Dr G Beaman

Genomics in Psychiatry recording from Dr P Bowman

Psychiatric Genetic Counselling presentation from Ramona Moldovan


Genomic conditions with psychiatric implications presentation from Dr Jo Doherty






Acknowledgements: Dr G Beaman, Dr P Bowman, Dr J Doherty, and Ramona Moldovan.